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Wednesday, April 18th, 2001
10:59 am
Yesterday I had a shocking revelation. I want to do something meaningful this year. I want to make a difference or contribute to a greater whole. It came to me then. My brother is a juvenile diabetic (and has been for about 8 years), and every September there is a Walk held to raise money for diabetes research. Well this year my brother won't be able to rally the infamous Team Ryan which in past years proved very successful in raising donations.

So this year will mark a new legacy.

Once the brochures come in a couple months, I will begin to rally Team Katelyn in honor of my brother's efforts. I figure I have enough friends between the three high schools to stand behind me.

I'm really pumped up over this. I can't wait to, for once, do something meaningful. Something that will last. I wish more people would get these urges. Can you imagine what it would be like if every single person just did one charitable act? Just one.

"... Take what you can from your dreams / Make it real as anything ..." [DMB]

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Saturday, March 31st, 2001
10:07 pm
If there's one thing that bothers me (although there's many more), it's judgemental people. Yes, we're all judgemental to some degree, but there are those who bring it to a completely different level. For instance, my friend was making this poster for two of her friends that had their names (two guys' names) and a rainbow in the background. Well I was just asked if there was any relation between the names and the rainbow. OK, now let's consider the logic here. WHY would this be given to the girl's FRIENDS if they were actually gay? That would probably be one of the most insulting things I could think of. And even if they were, who is really bothered by it? Why do people have to be homophobic and judgemental to a group of people who are living their lives the way God made them? Yes, I said God. I have a friend who thinks people are gay by choice. Well when they find someone who can honestly tell me they woke up one morning and said, "Well I think I'll be homosexual," then I will be convinced. I think everyone should be able to live how THEY want without having to take flak for it. I myself am straight, but that has NO influence on how I treat others. Homophobia has to be one of those hindering notions that helps us to remain a backward society.

"People are different. Learn this. You will succeed." [Me]

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Monday, March 19th, 2001
8:36 pm
Recently on a history test, I was given the question, "What does democracy mean to you?" What follows is my answer.

To me, democracy SHOULD be the ultimate end of ignorance. If a nation's citizens are to be given such a lucky and fortunate chance to actually HAVE a strong say in their government, they shouldn't be so naive as to what's happening around them. When it gets to the point where a fifteen-year-old doesn't know the governor of the state we live in, we've basically wasted what we've fought for in every day of history. To me, democracy is a gift that, sadly, gets squandered away on personal gain rather than the good of the community. Many people will waste their votes, or let months go by before they are actually aware of the world they live in. I believe in democracy in theory, and I believe in how it has shaped the world, but not in how we waste it.

"Turn on to politics, or politics will turn on you." [Ralph Nader]

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Friday, January 26th, 2001
11:02 pm
Popular people worry me. They basically feed off of each other to the point where there's only one who can stay on top at any one time, while the others focus on tearing away the apex's foundation. I once told a friend that most Populars were American Eagle manequins come (magically, satanically, unfortunately ...) to life.

Some of them are real people. Humans with hearts and minds and thoughts that go deeper than gossip and hot wax hair treatments. I'm lucky to know some of them. Sadly, though, most won't let you see past that shell of conformity and cruelty that allows them to so injure their own peers (often their own "friends").

Many don't care who they speak of, who they're hurting, who is standing three feet away while the words hiss from their teeth. You aren't safe from what they say. Their word is law. Teachers love them. How couldn't they? They're trim, well-dressed girls and guys possessing the perfect body and the perfect disposition.

Until you cross them. Then it gets ugly.

"Popularity is a disease." [Bumpersticker]

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